Saturday, 28 March 2009

My best Pal Double OJ (Jessie to her friends)

I know that I set up this blog with the intention of telling you how I was going to take over the world, but between you and me I think I'll leave all that world domination stuff to Dexter!

I'm quite happy with my lot, and share my little kingdom with Double OJ - you met her in an earlier blog. Her name is Jessie really but our 'little person' thought Double OJ was more in keeping for a spy helping to take over the world! She's quite a bit older than me, and was little person's 4th birthday present. He's 13 this year and doesn't really like being called 'little person' anymore.

For a long time Jessie was the only Dog in the Household and then I came along. She's been my best Pal (Apart from my Mum!) since Day 1, and even when I've been a typical cheeky Westie has never lost her temper with me

Friday, 27 March 2009

The big Prickly Thing

Ok, if we're honest it wasn't that big, but it was prickly, very prickly! As a Westie, one of my main jobs is to protect my family. This means that several times a day I go outside and patrol the garden! Sometimes, if I sense someone (usually a Cat or Rabbit) I might extend my patrol, but the humans don't like me doing that! Anyhow the night before last, I went outside about 8.00 o'clock and thought I'd seen a rabbit. I chased towards it and there in the middle of the lawn was a oval prickly thing. It looked a bit like an upside down scrubbing brush, but it had little legs and was snuffling around. Well although it was quite small I felt I needed to make sure it understood who was boss and so I thought I'd have a sniff. As quick as you like it rolled into a tight ball and attacked me! Well it prickled my nose and it hurt! I was so cross I started barking and everyone came running! Then they started laughing, and to add insult to injury Mum said we should give the prickly thing some food, and as we didn't have any cat food, it could have some of mine! Not impressed!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Lifes a beach

Where i live (Orkney) is an island and there are lots of lovely beaches to run and play on. Sorry I mean there are lots of locations for Double OJ and me to practice our manoeuvres on. Today we were rehearsing world domination, although Double OJ seemed more interested in finding a sunny spot and dozing.

After a while I realised that we were being observed, there were three seals in the bay, possibly agents for the dratted Dexter. I was all for swimming out and giving them what for, but Double OJ thought the sea might still be a little cold, so I just stood on the waters edge and barked my disapproval!

All in all, though I think the operation was a success, and we may soon be ready to start our campaign. in the meantime there are the ducks down da dyke to keep in order.

Monday, 9 March 2009

A little background information!

Before I continue with my tales of world domination and my obsession with catching that Cat(!) I'd like to tell you a bit about my home life, I am a Westie (no surprises there) and I like on the Orkney Islands (off the North Coast of Scotland). I moved to Orkney when I was about 8 weeks old. As you can see from the photo I was a peedie (Orcadian for small) wee thing. It took us 8 hours on a boat to get there! Mum wouldn't put me in the kennels so we spent the whole journey out on deck with my curled up inside her fleecy jacket! When we arrived I found that I was going to live with three humans (1 quite small and playful like me!) a black labrador (Double OJ) and a budgie (more of which on another blog another day). Since then Da Ducks Down Da Dyke have also joined us (again more of them another day). Orkney is a lovely place for a Westie to live, lots of lovely open places and beaches to run around in, although when you are small as me the Cows can seem quite scary. All in all I am a very happy dog, and spend my days either chasing Double OJ and the Ducks ( in a very friendly fashion of course) or curled up a sleep at the side of one of my humans! Can't be bad. Next Blog back to World Domination!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Day 2: Whats Going On???

That flipping cat, scuppering my plans already!!! Its a long story, it will take all day to tell you. Well, I have got all day so this is what happened; The cat went for Double OJ, (remember, that's my Bessie mate), but she, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer , tried to play with it!!!

Come on Double OJ, that's rule 1 of the doggie code, never play with the enemy!!!!!
Any way, back to the story; I run over to get the scruffy 'thing', but get caught in my lead-due to an 'unfortunate' incident with the postie. He got what he deserved
-erm, sorry, I seem to keep getting sidetracked!!

J (he's my contact from Day 1, you know), was busy dealing with the 'mess', the Ducks down da dyke left after being a bit 'enthusiastic' with the bread. J, on the floor, ducks nipping at his feet!!!
Rule Number 1 in the Duck Code: Dont attack your associates. Today wasnt going well. Double 0J falling at the first hurdle, and now Im a man down!!! But I have a plan...

Progress Report please Double OJ: WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF-WOOF WOOF!!!(Translation:We have now taken over the whole of Orkney, off the north of Scotland!!!)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Day 1: World domination 0.01% completed
I decided to make a 'mess' on the carpet, got into trouble for that. Never mind. Not to be put off from the matter in hand, I went outside 'bravely' (Im only 2 you know) and found my most mortal enemy: Next Doors cat. It 'miaowed' sweetly. Doesnt fool me. It plotted to get my mates the ducks down da dyke. I called my associate, agent 00J (My best pal Jessie Labrador really) over, and in all the commotion, my 'contact', J came. Too late, it was gone. Wheres Mrs E when you need her? Maybe next time, eh? I'll get it!!!

My Idea to beat dexter dog:

That Dexter, hogging all the limelight!! Ill get him. Any way back to business. My plan is to eliminate all cats and mice, then I will RULE THE WORLD! Mwah ha ha hah.