Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A pleasant surprise

This morning my mum went off to work as normal - except she had a cold and was feeling a bit sorry for herself - then she came back at lunch time! Now for most westies that would be a pleasant enough surprise to warrant updating their blog but there's more. Dad suggested we go for a walk to help clear her head. Quite early on in proceedings we (Jessie and me) got the impression we were being watched. So I set off on the scent.....
Although surprisingly Jessie was the first one to get the trail Labs may be good at finding things but when you find a hole you need a terrier to investigate further although I must admit I wasn't too keen on going in, looked quite dark and small. After a while Jessie got bored and even though it was quite chilly, despite the sun, she thought she'd go for a paddle
I must admit it looked quite inviting so I thought I'd investigate myself
Indeed I got quite carried away, but I don't think anyone noticed!
All in all, a most pleasant and enjoyable surprise!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Ducks are all grown up

Hi Friends,
I've not got round to updating my blog for a while (again), but thought you'd like to know how grown up last spring's ducklings are. If you remember they used to look like this:I used to get into mega trouble all the time for chasing them! But now it's them that's doing the chasing, they are big ducks and mean!
But the ducks aren't the only birds in the garden and Dad says maybe I should try chasing something smaller!!