Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A pleasant surprise

This morning my mum went off to work as normal - except she had a cold and was feeling a bit sorry for herself - then she came back at lunch time! Now for most westies that would be a pleasant enough surprise to warrant updating their blog but there's more. Dad suggested we go for a walk to help clear her head. Quite early on in proceedings we (Jessie and me) got the impression we were being watched. So I set off on the scent.....
Although surprisingly Jessie was the first one to get the trail Labs may be good at finding things but when you find a hole you need a terrier to investigate further although I must admit I wasn't too keen on going in, looked quite dark and small. After a while Jessie got bored and even though it was quite chilly, despite the sun, she thought she'd go for a paddle
I must admit it looked quite inviting so I thought I'd investigate myself
Indeed I got quite carried away, but I don't think anyone noticed!
All in all, a most pleasant and enjoyable surprise!


  1. very nice story !!

  2. I wonder what was hiding in the hole? Doesn't look like you have any sticks to chase where you are. Want me to send you some?

  3. hey what a pleasant surprise :o)
    hmm I don't think anyone noticed either. heheheh

  4. What a great surprise! I hope you mum is feeling better now!