Monday, 3 August 2009

Mum & Dad's holiday

This really takes the biscuit! First my Blog is hijacked by Ducklings, now Mum takes over my Blog to share her holiday photos! Why do I bother? Mum, I'm telling you, this is absolutely the last time. Blog your piccies, and then give me my Blog back!

Hi all, Mollie's Mum here, thought you might like to see a couple of photos from our holiday. We were staying in a small cottage just outside a little town called Killin at the end of Loch Tay. The scenery was lovely and the weather was quite kind to us.

It really was a lovely place, and we had a nice relaxing time, although we did miss Mollie very much! Promise that the next Blog will focus totally on Mollie and her adventures!


  1. Just idyllic! Been talking to Lucywestie and maybe we can stop here on our way to Orkney next summer! its funny how real all this tweeting feels sometimes isnt it? I feel like ive known u and Mollie forever>>! so glad you are all back...we really missed you!

  2. Mollie, you are so cute! I just found your blog. We have a westie, too, who is sometimes a rascal, but always a sweetheart. Stop on over to my blog if you have time. Will be back to check up on Sweet Mollie.

  3. Hi Mollie- we want to see more of you on Twitter, but your account appears to be hacked and keeps sending out horoscope info! Good luck sorting it out!