Friday, 27 March 2009

The big Prickly Thing

Ok, if we're honest it wasn't that big, but it was prickly, very prickly! As a Westie, one of my main jobs is to protect my family. This means that several times a day I go outside and patrol the garden! Sometimes, if I sense someone (usually a Cat or Rabbit) I might extend my patrol, but the humans don't like me doing that! Anyhow the night before last, I went outside about 8.00 o'clock and thought I'd seen a rabbit. I chased towards it and there in the middle of the lawn was a oval prickly thing. It looked a bit like an upside down scrubbing brush, but it had little legs and was snuffling around. Well although it was quite small I felt I needed to make sure it understood who was boss and so I thought I'd have a sniff. As quick as you like it rolled into a tight ball and attacked me! Well it prickled my nose and it hurt! I was so cross I started barking and everyone came running! Then they started laughing, and to add insult to injury Mum said we should give the prickly thing some food, and as we didn't have any cat food, it could have some of mine! Not impressed!

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