Thursday, 5 March 2009

Day 2: Whats Going On???

That flipping cat, scuppering my plans already!!! Its a long story, it will take all day to tell you. Well, I have got all day so this is what happened; The cat went for Double OJ, (remember, that's my Bessie mate), but she, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer , tried to play with it!!!

Come on Double OJ, that's rule 1 of the doggie code, never play with the enemy!!!!!
Any way, back to the story; I run over to get the scruffy 'thing', but get caught in my lead-due to an 'unfortunate' incident with the postie. He got what he deserved
-erm, sorry, I seem to keep getting sidetracked!!

J (he's my contact from Day 1, you know), was busy dealing with the 'mess', the Ducks down da dyke left after being a bit 'enthusiastic' with the bread. J, on the floor, ducks nipping at his feet!!!
Rule Number 1 in the Duck Code: Dont attack your associates. Today wasnt going well. Double 0J falling at the first hurdle, and now Im a man down!!! But I have a plan...

Progress Report please Double OJ: WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF-WOOF WOOF!!!(Translation:We have now taken over the whole of Orkney, off the north of Scotland!!!)


  1. We love your blog! We follow you on Twitter and this is a bigger picture of your tweets.
    Madi & Abi
    @KritterKondo Pet Enclosures

  2. hi Mollieeeee! u live in such a beeautifull place! i would like 2 come play with u an Jess!

    love, hanseebundee