Friday, 20 March 2009

Lifes a beach

Where i live (Orkney) is an island and there are lots of lovely beaches to run and play on. Sorry I mean there are lots of locations for Double OJ and me to practice our manoeuvres on. Today we were rehearsing world domination, although Double OJ seemed more interested in finding a sunny spot and dozing.

After a while I realised that we were being observed, there were three seals in the bay, possibly agents for the dratted Dexter. I was all for swimming out and giving them what for, but Double OJ thought the sea might still be a little cold, so I just stood on the waters edge and barked my disapproval!

All in all, though I think the operation was a success, and we may soon be ready to start our campaign. in the meantime there are the ducks down da dyke to keep in order.

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